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Lotus Nano is an independent nanotechnology consultancy founded in 2022 by experts from India and Germany.

We help clients across numerous industries gain access to the benefits of nanotechnology through customised surface modification and nano-coating solutions.

Our comprehensive solutions range from developing self-cleaning, anti-corrosive and high-performance nano-enabled coatings to providing end-to-end support for successful commercialisation.

Whether you need to protect products during manufacture, storage or transportation or uncover entirely new product functionalities, our team of nano and materials scientists can develop tailored nanotechnology solutions.

Our independence gives us access to the wider nanotechnology community and allows us to choose the best technologies for your specific requirements.

Mark Schafer, CEO, Lotus Nano ↗︎ Mark Schäfer, founder and CEO of Lotus Nano remarks - "India is set to witness an unprecedented increase in practical applications of nanotech across nearly any industry over the coming years. From ideation to commercialisation, Lotus Nano is here for you at every step.
With unparalleled expertise in surface and material science and global access to the scientific and producer community, we can translate cutting-edge scientific research into market-ready innovations. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that we remain at your side to answer questions, provide workable advise, and navigate the complexities of nanotechnology commercialisation."

Based in Pune, India we leverage the expertise of both Indian and German scientists and engineers to create sustainable solutions that improve product efficiency, lifespan and total cost of ownership.

Our client journey starts with a thorough analysis of your requirements followed by procurement of the right nano coatings.

We then support implementation into your production lines and work with you until the technology has been successfully commercialised.

Through turnkey solutions, implementation support and a focus on sustainability and cost savings, we help organisations large and small tap into the potential of nanotechnology to revolutionise their products and gain competitive advantage.

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