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Vikram Mahajan

“Lotus Nano is a superb partner who understands nanocoating - and business.” - Vikram Mahajan, A Furnishing Company, India

Lotus Nano is a Pune-India-based independent nanotechnology consultancy firm founded in 2022 by experts from India and Germany. We help clients across numerous industries gain access to the benefits of nanotechnology through customised surface modification and nano-coating solutions.

Lotus Nano: Leading independent nanotech and nanocoating consulting in India.

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Pioneering Advisory from India
Based in Pune, India, Lotus Nano is considered a pioneer in its field in India. Founded in 2022 by Indian and German specialists and engineers we create smart and sustainable solutions that improve product efficiency, lifespan and total cost of ownership.
Driven by Passion for Sustainability
We are passionate about assisting companies benefit from nanocoating and its many ways to become more sustainable. We show you what it means to profit from nanocoating in ways you may have not thought possible.
Hands-On Implementation Support
We don't just advise and design - we also support you throughout the implementation process, ensuring that the nanotechnology solutions are integrated smoothly and efficiently - and make sure you profit from it.
Pro Environment
We only specify fully certified, advanced, environmentally responsible nanocoatings which are 100% PFAS-free. We only consider a nanocoating project a success when we are satisfied with the contributions we've made to a more sustainable future together with our clients.
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Mark Schafer, CEO, Lotus Nano

A Word From The Founder

“India is set to witness an unprecedented increase in practical applications of nanotech across nearly any industry over the coming years. From ideation to commercialisation, Lotus Nano is here for you at every step.

With unparalleled expertise in surface and material science and global access to the scientific and producer community, we can translate cutting-edge scientific research into market-ready innovations.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that we remain at your side to answer questions, provide workable advise, and navigate the complexities of nanotechnology commercialisation.”

Mark Schäfer, CEO, Lotus Nano - Pune, India

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