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One-Stop, Independent, Global: Hire Lotus Nano, Asia's first and only Independent Consultancy for Surface Transformation With Nanotechnology and PFAS Substitution.

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“Lotus Nano is that partner you absolutely want.” - Vik Jain, A Furnishing Company, India

Lotus Nano: Leading independent nanotech and nanocoating consulting and project management from India - for the world.

Lotus Nano:
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Client Benefits:
Effective turn-Key Nano Coating & PFAS Consulting and Project Management Services. Anywhere.
Innovator Benefits:
Project-based collaboration opportunities with clients looking for your cutting-edge products, your latest research and your key niche expertise.
Key Differentiators:
Asia's first and only truly independent consultants advising on Nano Surface Transformation, Inventors of NaaS, and PFAS Replacement Specialists.
Active Sectors:
Energy, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Construction, Automotive, Maritime, and Heavy Industry. Includes sub-sectors such as furnishings, textiles, and materials like metals and wood.
2022 in Pune, India by Markus Schäfer.
Hand-picked team of specialists hailing from Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. Want to be part of it? Intro yourself!
Expertise in the niche areas of nanotech surface enhancements and PFAS substitution. Strong global network, very reliability, strong work ethics.

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Free: Nano Blog:
Dive into the best Nano Blog out there. Informative, jargon-free. Sometimes Critical. Regularly updated.
Free: Nano FAQs:
Top Nanotech & PFAS FAQs. Clear, detailed, no jargon. Includes a mini glossary for non-chemists.
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Want to ask something and don't know how? Try our specially trained Lotus Nano AI bot: Ask our AI. Give it a spin!

Let's Nano Transform Surfaces

We make nanocoating straightforward across industries and across the world.

Founded in 2022 in Pune, India and run by a team hailing from 4 continents, Lotus Nano delivers turn-key nanocoating services to clients exploring surface enhancements through nanotechnology.
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Lotus Nano: Turn-key Industrial nanocoating solutions and services & Commercial Properties Surface Performance Transformation with the No. 1 nanotech / nanocoating services experts for medium to large projects. We find the answers

Let's Move Away from PFAS

Step into the future with Lotus Nano, your partner in transitioning to PFAS-free alternatives such as novel nanocoatings.
  • Collaborations with Leaders: We partner with top producers and research institutes to bring you the most effective PFAS-free solutions, saving you the hassle of searching.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Stay ahead of environmental regulations. Our solutions are designed to meet current and future standards, removing any compliance concerns.
  • Customisation and Support: Your unique needs drive our tailored solutions. We're here to support you at every step, ensuring a seamless transition to safer products.
  • Industry Leadership: Joining forces with Lotus Nano means partnering with a pioneer dedicated to innovation and sustainability in nano-coating technologies.
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Let's Partner Up and Collaborate

At Lotus Nano, we're not just another consulting firm; we're your dedicated partner in every phase of your project. Discover the Lotus Nano difference:
  • Comprehensive Partnership:
    We're with you every step of the way, from initial concept through to completion and beyond. Your success is our success.
  • Direct Expertise & Value:
    Enjoy direct access to nanotechnology experts and manufacturer-level pricing, ensuring both top-tier advice and exceptional value without intermediaries.
  • Customized Solutions:
    We tailor our approach to fit your unique needs, ensuring a personalised project journey that's as innovative as it is effective.
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Lotus Nano: Turn-key Industrial nanocoating solutions and services & Commercial Properties Surface Performance Transformation with the No. 1 nanotech / nanocoating services experts for medium to large projects. We find the answers

What makes us different?

If you're looking for solid unbiased advisory from the worlds of Nanotech and PFAS, then this is the place. Here everything we do is made for your success:
  • Clear: Offering straightforward and clear advice from real people. We understand your needs and provide workable guidance that perfectly fits your requirements.
  • Collaborative: Partnering with relevant knowledge experts worldwide to bring the right expertise to you swiftly and efficiently.
  • Agile: From the initial meeting to the final handover, we ensure every step goes according to plan with a hands-on, hassle-free approach.
  • Hands-On: Our work doesn't just involve 'tech talk' – we roll up our sleeves to help you optimise your bottom line and maximise your profitability.
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Markus Schäfer, Founder and CEO, Lotus Nano

A Word From The Founder

“Lotus Nano stands ready to guide businesses through the exciting world of nanotechnology, from ideation to commercialisation. We specialise in advising on environmentally-friendly-first nanocoatings that enhance performance without sacrificing safety, providing innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

We've also long recognised the increasing importance of PFAS management and the need for professional guidance. Our expert advisors help businesses navigate the complex landscape of PFAS alternatives, offering strategic insights to reduce risks and avoid regrettable substitutions.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that we remain at your side to answer questions, provide practical and workable advice, and navigate the complexities of nanotechnology and PFAS management.”

Markus Schäfer, Founder and CEO, Lotus Nano - Pune, India

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