Furnishing Industry - Boost Sales with Nano Stain Resistance

Furnishing Industry - Boost Sales with Nano Stain Resistance

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Are you looking for ways to increase your revenue in furnishing business? Have you ever heard of "Stain Resistance" or "Easy Clean" nanocoatings? Such coatings have been around for over a decade now, but many businesses in India are missing out on the opportunity to offer this incredible technology to their customers.

In the furnishing industry, nanotechnology offers a game-changing opportunity to improve customer satisfaction, differentiate from competitors, and generate significant additional revenue streams. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of adding "Stain Resistance" nanocoatings as a service and provide practical tips on how to implement this technology in your business.

protect what you produce with nanotech
"Stain Resistant" furnishings offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing spills and stains won't ruin your sofa, table, or carpet. Maintain a fresh and inviting look in your home or office, even in the face of life's little accidents.

What is "Stain Resistance" Nanocoating?

Before discussing the advantages of adding "Stain Resistance" nanocoating, lets first define what it is. Nanocoating is a process that involves applying a thin layer of material to a surface. This layer is made up of nano-sized particles that can provide various benefits such as scratch resistance, water resistance, and easy cleaning

"Stain Resistance" nanocoatings are designed to repel dirt, liquids, and other substances that can stain or damage surfaces. They works by creating a barrier that prevents these substances from sticking to the surface, making it much easier to clean and maintain.

Stain resistance will hold up and won's spoil a party
Stain resistant furnishings repel even red wine and won't spoil the party. Had this sofa been nano-coated these guys would have not had half the fun.

Advantages of "Stain Resistance" Nanocoatings

There are many benefits your customers will thank you for when their furnishing portfolio is protected with nano-coating. "Stain Resistance" can be coated on a wide range of surfaces, including textiles, leather, plastic, wood, wool, faux-leather, glass, and more. Lotus Nano generally specifies products known as silica-based nanocoatings which are particularly safe to use in the furnishing industry. Here some of the key advantages of "Stain Resistance" silica-based nanocoatings your clients will enjoy:

💎  Increased Durability

Nanocoatings are extremely durable, and they can withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and UV radiation. This makes them an ideal choice for surfaces that are exposed to the elements, such as outdoor furniture, car exteriors, and more.

💦  Water Resistance

Nanocoatings are also highly water-resistant, which makes them an excellent choice for surfaces that are exposed to moisture or spills, such as textiles and leather. These coatings can help to prevent water from penetrating the surface, which can help to prevent staining, mould growth, smells and other types of damage.

🧼 Self-Cleaning Capabilities

"Stain Resistance" nanocoatings are designed to have self-cleaning capabilities, which means that they can repel dirt, dust, and other contaminants. This is particularly useful for surfaces that are exposed to dirt and grime, such as car exteriors, outdoor furniture, and more. Self-cleaning nanocoatings can help to keep surfaces looking clean and new for longer, which can save time and money on cleaning and maintenance.

🪟  Transparency

Most silica-based coatings are so thin that they appear transparent to the human eye, which means they can be applied to surfaces without altering their appearance in any way.

🌟  No changes to your product

"Stain Resistant" nanocoatings do not alter the “look & feel” of your products. Nanocoatings can help to hide imperfections and create a more polished and professional appearance.

✅  Biocompatibility:

We work mostly with silica-based coatings. Silica is a naturally occurring mineral and is non-toxic, which means silica-based coatings are generally considered to be biocompatible and safe for use in offices or households, are child and pet safe, and even used extensively in the medical industry.

♻️  Environmental friendliness:

Nanocoatings Lotus Nano works with are environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals or solvents, which can make them a good choice for companies that prioritise sustainability.

📅 One-Coat & Long Lasting

Most "Stain Resistant" coatings just need to be applied with a single layer and can easily last for several years. However, harsh physical abrasion (like scrubbing with high pressure) and / or strong chemicals (such as detergent) are its worst enemies on furnishings.

Example of how anti-stain nano coating makes a fabric water repellent
Close up of a anti-stain nano-coated fabric that repels water. The more ball-shaped a drop the more hydrophobic it is.

Advantages of Adding "Stain Resistance" as a Service

If you're in the furnishing business, adding "Stain Resistant" nanocoating to your service portfolio can be a game-changer. Here are the plus points that you can enjoy:

➡️ Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers always crave value-additions when buying products. By offering an "Stain Resistance" service, you can provide them with a hassle-free solution to protect and maintain their purchase. This will naturally boost their satisfaction levels, and they'll keep coming back for more of your services.

➡️ Competitive Advantage

The furnishing industry is cut-throat, and standing out from the clutter can be a real challenge. However, by marketing and offering an "Stain Resistance" service, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and create a unique selling point that'll attract more customers towards your brand.

➡️ Increased Revenue

Including an "Stain Resistance" service can be a lucrative source of additional revenue for your business. Whether you price it in or charge extra, this cleverly marketed service can generate significant income and increase your profits.

➡️ Extended Product Lifespan

Using "Stain Resistance" nanocoating can make surfaces last longer and look better over time, while also requiring less cleaning effort, water, and cleaning chemicals. This can help your business extend the lifespan of your products, which will boost your brand image and trust in the market.

➡️ Growing Repeat & Referral Business

Customers who are satisfied with the promised "Stain Resistance" experience are more likely to come back for future purchases and services and refer others to your business. This can help you grow a loyal customer base and increase your customers' trust in your company's work.

➡️ Sustainability Benefits

Few would argue that more and more informed consumers are looking for companies who make real efforts towards eco-friendly and sustainable products and services. Promoting "Stain Resistance" as a sustainability contribution, you can further enhance your brand reputation and establish your business as a responsible, future-ready company.

➡️ Serving an Anticipated Need

Adding an "Stain Resistance" service to your furnishing portfolio shows that you understand your customers' needs and preferences - oftentimes even before they have. By anticipating what they want and providing a convenient, practical and economical solution, you can build a strong relationship with your customers and establish your business as customer-centric and innovative.

Example of how anti stain coating looks on a marble surface
Example of how anti stain coating looks on a marble table.

How to Add "Stain Resistance" as a Service to your Business Model

Now that we've discussed the advantages of adding "Stain Resistance" nanocoating as a service both from a producer and customer perspective, let's now explore how to implement it. Here are have four ways to offer this service:

1. Free Inclusive Service

Businesses in the furnishing industry can include a simple process in their production line where the "Stain Resistance" coating is applied by default as a product feature before it is even available for purchase to its customers. The coating process is priced into the product’s sales price.

2. Free or Paid On-demand In-Store Service

Businesses can offer an on-site "Stain Resistance" or "Easy Clean" nanocoating service for customers who purchase products in-store. This can be a convenient option for customers who want to protect their purchases immediately and can also provide an opportunity for businesses to upsell the service at the point of sale.

3. Free or Paid On-Demand Online Add-On

If your company runs an online shop another option is to offer the "Stain Resistance" nanocoating service as a free or paid add-on before online checkout. Customers who are interested in this service can opt-in and pay an additional fee for the service or simply take on your free offer where your coating cost is already priced in. This can generate additional revenue for the business while also providing a value-added service to customers.

Example of how anti stain coating could be implemented online
Example of how Stain Resistance can be implemented online as a paid add-on service.

4. After-Sales Service

Nanocoatings don’t last forever and need to be renewed after a few years. Businesses can offer free vouchers for the first re-coating after, e.g. 1 year as a free service helping you to maintain direct customer contact with the opportunity to cross-sell other products or services.

Here you go:
By offering "Stain Resistance" nanocoating as a service in a variety of ways, your furnishing business can provide added substantial value to their customers, differentiate yourself from the competition, and generate significant additional revenue streams. Above all, your company is set to gain additional brand recognition for all the good reasons and will be seen as an industry pioneer promoting a more sustainable future in ways others may have not thought about it yet. Talk to Lotus Nano to turn this into your next opportunity:

How Lotus Nano Can Assist You

Applying nanocoatings correctly requires both chemistry expertise and technical skill. Selecting the right nanocoating and establishing a solid supply chain with capable nanotech producers is just as essential for a successful commercial implementation. Choosing the wrong nanocoating or supplier or applying it wrongly can lead to subpar results, wasted resources, and even safety hazards.

At Lotus Nano, our German / Indian team are specialists in surfaces and nanotechnology. We can assist your furnishing business in India turn-key with the entire implementation process, from selecting the right nanocoating to establishing a reliable supply chain with capable nanotech producers. We work with businesses across many industries to help them understand how to take full advantage of - and profit from - the incredible 21st-century technology called Nanotech.

By partnering with us, you can benefit from our expertise and experience in nanotechnology and business consulting. Our team can guide you through the whole implementation process from A to Z and train and certify your staff on how to coat surfaces like a pro.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experts. Request your free trials!

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