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Are you manufacturing, researching or applying impactful nano-engineered coatings with proven surfaces transformation performance?

Lotus Nano offers project-based collaboration opportunities with the chance of broadening your reach and strengthening our shared success.

Manufacturers and Institutes creating impactful nano-engineered coatings collaborate with Lotus Nano to expand their reach credibly.

Our Invitation to

We invite Leading Manufacturers And Research Institutes from around the world to collaborate with us in pushing the boundaries of nano-coating technology. Our mission is to drive innovation and achieve sustainable progress that benefits us all.

Together, we can achieve unparalleled success. Here's why:

Access New Markets:
Collaborate with us to venture into emerging and niche markets, broadening your reach and tapping into lucrative opportunities.
Grow Your Portfolio:
Enrich your client portfolio with cutting-edge nanocoating projects, showcasing your commitment to innovation and quality.
Streamlined Collaboration:
Experience seamless project implementation through our efficient project management approach, ensuring timely and hassle-free collaboration.
Boost Brand Exposure:
Elevate your brand’s visibility among key clientele. Partner with us for strategic exposure to markets that matter most to your business.
Unlock Growth Opportunities:
Explore and capitalise on new business development and growth avenues through our partnership, driving your business forward.
Relevance Tailored to You:
We match your strengths with the right projects for maximum impact, ensuring each collaboration is productive, satisfying, and aligns with your goals.
Commitment to Confidentiality:
Value and trust anchor our collaborations. We assure that the confidentiality of our joint projects is protected with NDAs, respecting intellectual property rights and sensitive information.

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Lotus Nano, headquartered in India and operating globally, specialises in nano-coating technologies, serving a global niche clientele by addressing specific challenges through cutting-edge innovation. We connect Manufacturers and Research Institutes with emerging markets, offering a platform for amplifying breakthrough (preferably PFAS-FREE) products or development initiatives.

If your organisation is leading the way in one of the following sectors, we'd love to hear from you:
  • Aerospace, Aviation
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Clean / Renewable Energy
  • Construction / Buildings / Facilities
  • Electrics / Electronics
  • Environmental / Green Tech
  • Food Safety / Packaging
  • Fossil Energy & Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Textiles / Apparel
  • Water Treatment
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