Next Gen Real Estate and Property Asset Protection With Nanocoating

Top Nano-Coatings for Residential, Commercial and Healthcare Facilities

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Nanocoatings are a technological marvel of our century that brings a new level of sustainability to preserving and protecting buildings and structures. The applications of nanocoatings are vast and varied, ranging from the exteriors of towering skyscrapers to the interiors of historic cathedrals. Nanocoatings offer long-lasting and effective protection against a diverse range of environmental factors, including weathering, corrosion, pollution, and germs.

This results in structures that are better able to withstand the test of time, while also requiring less maintenance and upkeep. The beauty of nanocoatings is that they are not limited to just buildings and structures - they can also be applied to assets such as vehicles, machinery and equipment, providing the same level of protection and longevity. In a world where sustainability is increasingly important, nanocoatings offer a viable solution for ensuring that our built environment remains intact for generations to come.

1. Residential Properties

Room-By-Room examples of nanocoating applications for in a typical family house, villa or apartment

Living Room:






Attic / Cellar:


Gym and Fitness Rooms:

2. Commercial Properties

Room-By-Room examples of nanocoating applications for a Commercial Office Complex

Entrance and Lobby:

Conference Rooms:




Kitchen and Break Room:


Gym and Fitness Rooms:

Outdoor Areas:

Parking Garage:

Landscaping and Exterior Surfaces:


HVAC and Mechanical Rooms:

Data Center and Server Rooms:

Loading Docks and Warehouses:

Storage Rooms and Closets:

Auditoriums and Theatres:

Swimming Pools and Spa areas:

Security Rooms and Control Rooms:

Maintenance Rooms and Utility Rooms:

Children's Play Areas and Daycare Rooms:

Staff Rooms and Lounges:

HVAC systems:

3. Healthcare and Hospitals

Room-By-Room examples of nanocoating applications for a typical Healthcare or Hospital Facility.

Operating and Sterilisation Rooms:

Patient Rooms:

Laboratories and Pharmacies:

Hallways and Common Areas:

Cafeteria and Kitchen Areas:

Elevators and Stairwells:


Physical Therapy Rooms:

Administrative and Staff Areas:

Loading Docks and Service Entrances:

Boiler Rooms and Mechanical Rooms:

Parking garages


Public Bathrooms and Restrooms:

Lobbies and Reception Areas:

Medical Equipment Rooms:

HVAC Systems:




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