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PFAS / PFC Substitution

Over 80% of PFAS 'Forever Chemicals' can be replaced with safer, sustainable, 100% PFAS-free alternatives without performance loss. Responsible companies volunteer in making the switch today! Hire us to make it happen.

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PFAS Not on Your Radar Yet?
It's time to get informed. Sooner than you think, it will become increasingly difficult for companies to profit from products containing PFAS, and for good reason. Learn what PFAS are, their environmental and health impacts, and why immediate action is crucial.

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Why Move Away From PFAS?

Now is the critical time to eliminate 'forever chemicals' from your product line voluntarily. The detrimental impacts of PFAS on the environment and human health are well-documented and alarming. Continuing to use PFAS can severely harm your business in ways you do not want to be associated with - such as:

  • Severe Long-Term Environmental Contamination
  • Significant Human Health Hazards
  • Intensifying Regulatory Pressures
  • Severe Reputational Damage
  • Risk of Legal and Financial Liabilities
  • Rapid Shift Towards Sustainability and Transparency
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6 Urgent Reasons to Eliminate 'Forever Chemicals' from Your Product Line

Going PFAS-Free Now is Smart

Shifting to PFAS-free voluntarily today is a savvy business decision that benefits both the company and the environment. It helps companies stay ahead of regulatory changes, reduces potential legal and health risks, and aligns with growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products.

PFAS-free products will enhance your brand reputation considerably, open new markets, and could lead to cost savings by avoiding future compliance expenses. Adopting PFAS-free alternatives is a forward-thinking move towards sustainability and corporate responsibility.
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Embracing PFAS-Free Innovations: A Wise Business Strategy for Sustainability and Growth

PFAS Does Have Options!

Replacing PFAS is not only necessary but also in over 80% of cases perfectly achievable. A wide range of innovative materials and technologies are emerging as effective substitutes, offering sufficient performance with negligible or zero environmental and health concerns "Forever Chemicals" bring with it.

From advanced polymers and silicon-based solutions to natural materials and novel PFAS-free nano-coatings, the options for replacing PFAS are vast and rapidly expanding.
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There are PFAS replacement options out there. Lotus Nano gets you the right ones.

Industries and PFAS Substitution Opportunities

Examples of "Forever Chemicals" substitutions. Contact us today to discuss at your specific replacement strategy.
Cooling and Heating (F-gases)
Most mobile and stationary cooling and heat pumps still rely on fluorinated gases (F-gases). The story of F-gases is a story of 'regrettable substitution' for a number of reasons. A less known inconvenient fact is that many F-gases break down into very troublesome PFAS - making this industry the No. 1 PFAS polluters.
PFAS Substitutes: Natural refrigerants (hydrocarbons, ammonia, CO2)
Non-stick Cookware
Famously known as Teflon and the likes. Widespread the world over for non-stick surfaces in cookware, heat and oil resistant, ensuring ease of cleaning and cooking.
PFAS Substitutes: Ceramic coatings, silicone coatings
Food Packaging / Paper Products
PFAS are used as grease and moisture barriers in paper products such as fast food wrappers, microwave popcorn bags, paper plates and cups, baking papers, pizza boxes, cardboard packaging, and cake and muffin forms.
PFAS Substitutes: Clay-based coatings, starch-based coatings, silicon-based coatings, cellulose-based coatings, biodegradable polymers, plant-based waxes
Textiles, Upholstery, Waterproof Clothing & Gear
Water and stain-resistant treatments for fabrics used in clothing, furniture, carpets, and outdoor gear. From every manufacturing step to the impregnating sealant spray.
PFAS Substitutes: Silicone-based (nano) coatings, wax emulsions, dendrimer technology
Many industrial, automotive, and specialty lubricants contain PFAS. Substituting PFAS in lubricants is feasible in many cases, with numerous alternative formulations and expertise at hand.
PFAS Substitutes: Silicone-based lubricants, non-fluorinated additives
Firefighting Foam
PFAS is used for suppressing flammable liquid fires, particularly at airports, military bases and the like - leaving behind PFAS contaminated sites.
PFAS Substitutes: Fluorine-free foams (F3), synthetic detergents
Insulating and protective coatings in semiconductor manufacturing and other electronic components.
PFAS Substitutes: Non-fluorinated polymers, biodegradable polymers
Medical Devices
Low-friction coatings for catheters and guide-wires; materials for implantable devices.
PFAS Substitutes: Silicone, polyurethane, polyethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), PFAS-free nanocoatings
PFAS compounds are used to enhance the performance of pesticides by improving their spreading, penetration, and adhesion on plants.
PFAS Substitutes: Biodegradable surfactants, siloxane-based surfactants, and natural plant-based oils.
PFAS can be found in hoses, seals, O-rings to brake fluid, gaskets, seals, coolants, fabrics, paints, coatings, wires insulations, electronics, connectors, lubricants, etc.
PFAS Substitutes: Silicone-based lubricants, non-fluorinated additives
Cleaning Products
PFAS can be found in various cleaning products, such as carpet and upholstery cleaners, floor polishes, and car wash products, to enhance their water, oil, and stain-repellent properties.
PFAS Substitutes: Bio-based surfactants, hydrocarbon-based surfactants, silicone-based surfactants.
Construction Materials
PFAS can be found in certain construction materials, such as paints, coatings, sealants, and adhesives, which can contribute to environmental contamination during the construction process and throughout the life of the building.
PFAS Substitutes: Silicone-based coatings, Water-based coatings, Bio-based coatings, Mineral-based coatings, Non-PFAS fluoropolymer coatings, PFAS-free insulation materials, PFAS-free roofing materials, PFAS-free carpet and flooring materials, PFAS-free membranes and barriers
Solar Panels
PFAS can be found in wetting agents used during production, in gaskets, seals, and insulation for protecting electronic components. Post-production, protective and anti-reflective (often PFAS-containing nano) coatings are used to improve the efficiency and durability of solar panels.
PFAS Substitutes: Non-fluorinated coatings, silicone-based coatings, ceramic coatings
PFAS are used in cosmetics for their ability to provide longer-lasting, waterproof formulations in makeup and skincare products. They enhance the spreadability, texture, and wear resistance of these products.
PFAS Substitutes: Natural oils, waxes, silicone alternatives, mica, rice powder, zinc oxide
Ski Wax
PFAS are used extensively in ski waxes around the world to enhance the glide / reduce friction of skis on snow. Ski wax is a significant PFAS polluter, particularly in regions with extensive winter sports activities.
PFAS Substitutes: Hydrocarbon-based waxes, plant-based waxes, biodegradable waxes
Mining and Oil Industries
PFAS are primarily used in drilling fluids, hydraulic fracturing fluids, and other extraction-related processes to reduce friction, enhance fluid stability, and improve extraction efficiency.
PFAS Substitutes: Bentonite clay, guar gum, xanthan gum, starch-based blends, cellulosic polymers, silicones, biopolymers
For applications such as water purification and industrial filtration processes, PFAS-free coatings ensure safety without compromising functionality.
PFAS Substitutes: Non-fluorinated membranes (PES, PVDF, CA, PP, PE), ceramic filters, F-free oleophobic nano-coatings, graphene-based coatings, PECVD coatings
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Lotus Nano can assist you as follows:
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  • Evaluate the suitability of PFAS-free alternatives for specific applications.
  • Work with our network of trusted partners to find the best PFAS-free solutions.
  • Guidance on incorporating PFAS-free coatings into operations, ensuring a smooth transition and compliance with regulations.
  • Continuous support and monitoring for long-term success and adaptability to new regulations.
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