Hydrophilic Surface Enhancements

Lotus Nano is your trusted partner for transformative nanocoating solutions. If you're looking to enhance the properties of glass, ceramic, or plastic surfaces, our expertise and service portfolio are tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer a range of enhancing properties for your substrates.

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  • Free Discovery Call: Let's talk (online or in-person) and understand each other's work and agree on a way forward.
  • Pilots & Trials: We conduct no-risk trials and pilots to determine best suitable nanocoatings and application methods for your products.
  • Reliable Sourcing: We manage the process from sourcing to procurement of the most suitable nanocoatings.
  • Application Support: We offer complete technical assistance throughout the nanocoating application process, ensuring best results.
  • Employee Training: We provide thorough training on the most effective nano-coating techniques to your team.
  • Value Chain Creation: Our nanocoating expertise can ignite profit-enhancing value chains that we can help you capitalise on.
  • Ongoing Support: We are always available for any queries you may have, challenges you may face and future projects you wish to involve us in.


Hydrophilic nanocoatings have significant applications from safety goggles to touchscreens, vehicle windows and rear-view-mirrors, camera lenses, and in air conditioning heat exchangers, among others. To ensure optimal performance and safety, the application of these coatings necessitates professionally trained personnel both during and post-production.

Concept of a water droplet's behaviour: from superhydrophobic to superhydrophilic
Concept of a water droplet's behaviour: from superhydrophobic to superhydrophilic

We've covered hydrophilic nanocoatings extensively in our Nano FAQs here and in our Nano Blog posts Top Questions About Nanocoatings Answered and Top 9 Nanocoatings Industries Use Today

Here's What We
Can Achieve Together

  • ROI: Implementing Nano-Protection can potentially uplift your sell-through rate by up to 25%, while also reducing product returns, boosting profit margins and customer satisfaction.
  • Durability: Thanks to Nano-Protection, your products could last up to 2 times longer, thereby enhancing your brand's reputation for delivering long-standing, quality merchandise.
  • Reliability: Nano-Protection might result in fewer product defects and lower repair frequency, effectively increasing brand reliability amongst customers and reducing warranty claims.
  • Sustainability: With Nano-Protection, you can reduce resource use related to product maintenance by up to 50%, supporting your brand's environmental stewardship efforts.
  • Image: Show your commitment to sustainability and forward thinking by adopting Nano-Protection—an action that resonates with consumers who prioritize environmental responsibility in their purchasing decisions.
  • Innovation: Highlighting that embracing Nano-Protection signifies driving innovation in the industry, positioning your company as a thought leader in meeting modern consumer demands.
  • Competitive Edge: Employing Nano-Protection can offer your brand a distinguishable advantage over competitors who do not exploit similar technology, setting you apart in the market.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The extended product lifetimes and increased reliability courtesy of Nano-Protection can enhance customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty, and establishing enduring customer relationships.


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Lotus Nano is a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in nanotechnology and particularly in industrial nanocoating. We provide valuable insights and guidance to help you turn-key navigate complex implementations.
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We understand that every business is unique. That's why we specify nanocoating solutions that are suitable to meet your business's specific needs and objectives with the levels of service, reliability and integrity you'd expect.
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From the initial consultation to the implementation of your project, we provide all the necessary support you need to ensure a smooth and successful integration into your work processes.
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We enhance product value with nanocoatings and guide industrial / commercial clients. We can also advise on establishing nanocoating as a new, revenue-generating service offering for your business.
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