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Lotus Nano provides comprehensive and unbiased consultancy services to fully leverage nano coating for superior surface protection. Get the assistance you need to succeed with your projects!

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Lotus Nano: Leading independent nanotech and nanocoating experts from India.

Our Nano-Coating

Strategic Advisory & Market Insights
Market landscape analysis for nano coatings, Competitive benchmarking and trend identification, Tailored market entry, positioning, and growth strategies.
Technology Assessment & Development
Evaluation of existing nano coating technologies, Recommendations for innovative R&D opportunities, Collaboration with R&D teams for optimal product development.
Material Selection & Custom Formulation
Guidance on selecting suitable nanomaterials, Custom formulation strategies to meet specific requirements, Optimisation of coating properties for diverse applications.
Application Engineering & Process Optimisation
Tailored application methodologies for various industries, Process optimisation to enhance coating performance, Troubleshooting and quality improvement recommendations.
Regulatory Compliance & Certification
Navigating global regulatory standards for nano coatings, Assistance with safety data sheets (SDS) and technical documentation, Support in achieving industry-specific certifications.
Training & Knowledge Transfer
Customised training programmes for in-house teams, Comprehensive knowledge transfer on nano coating technologies, Workshops on best practices in application and maintenance.
Sustainability & Environmental Impact
Strategies for developing eco-friendly nano coatings, Life cycle assessment and environmental impact analysis, Sustainable sourcing and waste reduction recommendations.
Business Development & Partnership Facilitation
Identification of strategic partnerships and collaboration opportunities, Business development support for market expansion, Networking with key industry stakeholders and potential clients.
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Lotus Nano helps Industrial, Commercial, Public and Residential clients get their concrete surfaces protected durably.


Enhanced durability, water repellency, stain resistance, anti-graffiti properties, UV protection, mould and mildew resistance, easy cleaning, chemical resistance.
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Nano Concrete Protection

Concrete is inherently versatile and durable, yet it demands robust protection to preserve its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal over time. Nano-enabled top coatings provide this essential shield reliably.

How Nano Coatings Enhance Concrete

Through forming a molecular barrier, nano coatings effectively seal the pores on concrete surfaces. This advanced technology can ward off graffiti and also shields against water, stains, chemicals, and UV damage, significantly enhancing both the longevity and visual quality of concrete structures.

Top Benefits of Nano Coatings on Concrete

The application of nano coatings to concrete surfaces delivers several compelling advantages:
  • Increased durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.
  • Swift cleaning and maintenance, reducing overall costs and resources.
  • Preservation of the natural texture and colour of concrete, protecting its original look.
  • Efficient graffiti resistance, ensuring easy and non-damaging removal.

Sample Applications of Nano-Coated Concrete

Nano-coated concrete is versatile across various applications, demonstrating its efficacy in:
  • Strengthening urban infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, walls.
  • Enhancing the resilience of commercial and residential buildings, walls.
  • Improving public spaces, including parks and sports complexes.
  • Boosting the durability of transportation systems, from bus to train stations.
  • Preserving culturally and historically significant monuments and artefacts.
Nanotechnology to protect Electric / Electronic Circuits using specially designed nanocoatings

Electronic Circuits

Moisture and corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal management, lifespan and reliability, environmental protection, reduced short circuit risk, lighter weight.
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How Nano Coatings Enhance Electronic Circuits

Nano coatings create a thin, imperceptible layer that can shield electronic circuits at a molecular level. This barrier reliably protects from moisture and corrosion and provides excellent electrical insulation. Such coatings are designed to prevent damage from environmental factors, including temperature variations and chemical exposure.

Top Benefits of Nano Coatings on Electronic Circuits

The application of nano coatings to electronic circuits offers numerous benefits:
  • Enhanced durability and reliability under varied environmental conditions.
  • Improved performance with effective thermal management.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs due to increased resistance to corrosion and wear.
  • Preservation of circuit integrity by preventing short circuits and electrical failures.

Diverse Applications of Nano-Coated Electronic Circuits

Nano-coated electronic circuits find uses in a wide range of applications, demonstrating their adaptability and effectiveness:
  • Boosting the performance and longevity of consumer electronics like smartphones, laptops, etc.
  • Enhancing automotive electronics for better reliability in harsh driving conditions.
  • Securing aerospace electronics against extreme environmental variations encountered during flights.
  • Improving industrial electronics used in manufacturing and robotics, where exposure to challenging conditions is common.
  • Optimising military electronics for operation in challenging and critical conditions.
  • Extending longevity and reliability of electronics in humid or corrosive environments like marine or industrial settings.
Innovative nano coating technology enhancing food-grade packaging

Food-Grade Packaging

Latest nanotech developments offering barrier enhancement, water resistance, grease and oil resistance, antimicrobial properties, biodegradable, regulatory compliant, PFAS-free.
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Cutting-Edge Nano Coatings in Food-Grade Packaging

Embracing the latest developments in nanotechnology, our novel nano coatings enhance food-grade packaging by providing an ultra-thin yet effective barrier. These innovative coatings are engineered to offer exceptional resistance to water, grease, and oils, and feature antimicrobial properties. Importantly, they are 100% PFAS-free, meeting stringent environmental and health regulations.

Core Advantages:s

  • Enhanced Barrier Protection: Delivers top-tier resistance against contaminants, significantly extending the shelf life of packaged foods.
  • Resistance to Water, Grease, Oils, Heat: Maintains the integrity and cleanliness of food packaging by effectively repelling liquids and oils even at higher temperatures.
  • Antimicrobial Effects: Provides a safe food storage environment by inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Fully biodegradable and crafted without PFAS, aligning with eco-friendly packaging principles.

Applications Across Food Packaging

PFAS and PLA free.

  • Perishable Items: Preserves the freshness and extends the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products.
  • Drink Containers: Enhances beverage packaging from juices to alcoholic drinks, ensuring maintained flavour and quality.
  • Ready-to-Eat and Health Foods: Ensures the freshness, nutritional quality, and safety of pre-packaged meals, snacks, and specialty health foods.
  • Fast Food Containers and Take-Away Cups: Improves packaging resistance to grease and liquids, maintains food safety with antimicrobial properties, and prevents contamination.

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