Wood / Timber

Wood Protection & Sustainability

The wood and timber / lumber industry needs durable and efficient protection from the elements. Lotus Nano can assist with nanocoatings which deliver precisely that: tailored for manufacturers, processors, producers, veneer experts, and carpentry businesses - minimising maintenance and maximising both lifespan and aesthetic radiance.

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Lotus Nano specifies advanced industry-grade nanocoatings which offer remarkable surface protection for wood, timber, and lumber. We create a durable molecular bond, enhancing your products' lifespan and maintaining natural aesthetics, while respecting environmental sustainability. This underlines our and further strengthens your commitment to eco-friendly tech advancements.
Nanocoating enhancements for ceramic surfaces


  • Protection: Provides a durable hydrophobic defence layer against stains and marks.
  • Weather Resilience: Defends against weather-induced damages.
  • One Easy Application: Single application ensures comprehensive and maintainable protection.
  • Transparent: Preserves the natural appearance of the wood.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: UV-stable, preserving the wood's natural aesthetics.
  • Versatility: Efficient on various wood types including pre-treated ones.
  • Eco-friendly: VOC-free, non-toxic, safe for indoor, outdoor, children, and pets. Water based.
  • UV Resistance: Can offer defence against harmful UV rays.
  • Anti-microbial: Enhances resistance to moss and algae growth.
  • Durable: Long-lasting, regardless of the application's simplicity.
Nanocoating enhancements for plastic surfaces


  • Longevity: Prolongs wood lifespan, conserving resources.
  • Efficiency: Extensive coverage with less product, decreasing material use.
  • Low Emission: Minimises harmful emissions.
  • Eco-Manufacturing: Adheres to green manufacturing principles.
  • Safety: Reduces chemical exposure for users.
  • Easy Clean: Simplifies cleaning, minimises use of chemicals, and promotes health.
  • Reuse: Suitable for recycled wood, promoting resource recycling.
  • Circular Economy: Prolongs the life of wood products, reducing waste.
  • Transportation Efficiency: More product per delivery, reducing carbon emissions.
  • Eco-Friendly: Water-based, non-toxic formula, minimal impact on local ecosystems.
Nanocoating enhancements for plastic surfaces

Industries & Professions

  • Manufacturers - Including Timber Production, Wood Processing, Furniture and Cabinetry Manufacturing, Plywood and Engineered Wood Manufacturing
  • Design Professionals - Including Architects, Interior Designers
  • Home and Property-Related Services - Including Private Property Owners, Real Estate, DIY Market
  • Restoration and Maintenance Services - Including Restoration Services, Facilities Management Companies
  • Outdoor and Landscaped Structure Services - Including Deck and Patio Services, Landscaping Services, Marine Structures
  • Retailers - Stores selling wood products ranging from furniture to decor
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Here's How We Assist

  • Free Discovery Call: Let's talk (online or in-person) and understand each other's work and agree on a way forward.
  • Pilots & Trials: We conduct no-risk trials and pilots to determine best suitable nanocoatings and application methods for your products.
  • Reliable Sourcing: We manage the process from sourcing to procurement of the most suitable nanocoatings.
  • Application Support: We offer complete technical assistance throughout the nanocoating application process, ensuring best results.
  • Employee Training: We provide thorough training on the most effective nano-coating techniques to your team.
  • Value Chain Creation: Our nanocoating expertise can ignite profit-enhancing value chains that we can help you capitalise on.
  • Ongoing Support: We are always available for any queries you may have, challenges you may face and future projects you wish to involve us in.


We transform surfaces. And businesses.


Lotus Nano is a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in nanotechnology and particularly in industrial nanocoating. We provide valuable insights and guidance to help you turn-key navigate complex implementations.
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Custom Solutions,
Top Service

We understand that every business is unique. That's why we specify nanocoating solutions that are suitable to meet your business's specific needs and objectives with the levels of service, reliability and integrity you'd expect.
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From the initial consultation to the implementation of your project, we provide all the necessary support you need to ensure a smooth and successful integration into your work processes.
Lotus Nano - Comprehensive Support


We enhance product value with nanocoatings and guide industrial / commercial clients. We can also advise on establishing nanocoating as a new, revenue-generating service offering for your business.
Lotus Nano - Go-To-Market Support

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